Gergely Neu


I am a machine learning researcher mainly interested in online optimization, bandit problems, and reinforcement learning theory. My general research mission is to bring theory and practice closer together by proving theoretical performance guarantees of practical algorithms and making principled learning algorithms more accessible to practicioners. In particular, I am trying to find out whether there exist fundamental trade-offs between computational and information-theoretic efficiency in machine learning.

Postdoctoral researcher
SequeL team
INRIA Lille - Nord Europe


40 avenue Halley
59650, Villeneuve d'Ascq

cell: (+33) 7 50 43 21 35
You might want to check out my CV to get a better picture of what I've done professionally so far.


  • Three papers accepted to NIPS 2014! Head over to my publications page to get a glimpse! 2014. 09. 09.
  • New website online! 2014. 06. 25.